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We can help with all of your electrical needs, whether its residential, commercial or industrial. Check out our services page more details.

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We pride ourselves in our honesty. We never try to upsell, we will even tell if you don't really need something, of course if you really want it then by all means. Our team is clean, friendly and professional and treated like family. 


I've used the services of Astra Electric on 3 separate renovations. 2 full heritage home rewiring from knob and tube. Jason and his team did such an amazing job - hardly a mess for a large 4 floor rewiring which Is quite a job. He arranged and moved all services underground for us as well. Now that this last job is done, I can comfortably access lights from my phone when needed and know we are safe inside with all careful work that was done by Greg and his team. Don't tell Greg I said this, but he was also always willing to help with other jobs I was working on when I needed some muscle. I would highly recommend Astra for any electrical job you need. Always punctual and honest.

Valerie McConkey

Home Owner

You will not find a more knowledgable set of individuals. John and Greg's backgrounds are such that they can deal with any installation, big or small. If you're doing a brand-new home for wiring or a major project at a commercial location, these guys know all of the code rules.
Greg has meticulously supervised the installation of our most recent upgrade at the big Chief mobile home park. This has been no small feat . this is a $125,000 project. Greg has skillfully coordinated all the trades required to build a new hydro meter shack, run hundreds of feet of wire underground and coordinate the BC Hydro design team to install the new transformer required.
 Whether it's a simple breaker or a transformer on a pole or concrete slab needing to be replaced, these two have the skill and knowledge to get it done not only to code but quickly and efficiently. 

Josh Spruce

Property Manager

I had Astra install the electrical service for my small home bakery. They were excellent at anticipating my needs. They started from scratch, making sure I had power to all of my commercial bakery appliances and placed 4 wall plugs above my workspace (which at the time I thought was unnecessary, but I use them ALL and I am very glad they suggested it). They also made sure that the space was very well lit, which I appreciate when I am working late. I would highly recommend this company for their knowledge and professionalism.

Sevannah Rodgers

Business Owner

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